The Flight of Gods 16. Devaki-Krishna Temple, Marcel


The Flight of Gods
by Mohan Pai

Devaki-Krishna Temple

The temple is popularly known as ‘Pisso’ Ravalnath and is located at Marcel. This is the only temple in India where Lord Krishna is worshipped with his mother Devaki as Devaki-Krishna.

The original temple of Devaki-Krishna was on the island of Chodan in the Mandovi river.
Pisso Ravalu

It was destroyed by the Christian missionaries and relocated first at Mayem between1530 and 1540 AD and then shifted to its present site at Marcel between 1540 and 1567. Marcel then was under the Bijapur rule but the Sardesais were Hindus who supported the cause.

The Mantap – photo by Mohan Pai

There was a small shrine to the deity earlier and the present temple was built in the year 1842. The black stone idol of Devaki in standing posture holds on her left side of abdomen, with her left arm, the image of child Krishna.Shano Ravalnath

The affiliate deities are Bhumika Devi, Ravalnath (Pisso Ravalu), Ravalnath (Shano Ravalnath), Malinath, Katyayani, Laxminarayan Chodaneshwar, Dhada, Shankar and Kulapurush.The Temple Complex – photo by Mohan Pai

There is a historical legend about Vasco da Gama who was appointed Viceroy in his old age of all Portugese colonies of the Far-east as a gesture of honour.
One day he visited Chodan island, and when he saw the idol of Devaki Krishna through the main doorway, he immediately saluted the image and went on his knees, thinking that it was the image of Mary and infant Jesus. But his companions pointed out his mistake and Vasco da Gama was visibly annoyed.


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