The Flight of Gods 19. Ramnath Temple, Ramnathi

The Flight of Gods

by Mohan Pai
Sri Ramnath Temple
The ancient shrine of Ramnath was originally located in Loutlim and was burnt down by the Portugese Captain Diogi Rodrigues of Rachol Fort in the year 1567.
The idol was smuggled out and consecrated at the present site at Ramnathi, Bandode very near to the Shantadurga Temple at Kavalem. According to the tradition, the linga of Ramnath was brought from Rameshwaram.
The Temple Complex – photo by Mohan Pai
The main temple building was completely renovated in 1905, resulting in its original proportions being distorted by a huge unsympathetic additional hall that overpowers all else.
The Mantap – photo by Mohan Pai
The Parivar devatas here are Laxminarayan, Kamakshi, Shantadurga, Vetal and Kalabhairav. The Kalabhairav image came from Raia, the next village to Loutlim where Ramnath originated.
Deepasthamba – photo by Mohan Pai

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