The Flight of Gods 22. Siddheshwar Temple, Borim

The Flight of Gods

by Mohan PaiShri Siddheshwar Temple

Siddhanath Hill, Borim


The Mantap – photo by Mohan Pai

From Borim village in Ponda Taluk aroad leads to a nearby hill of Siddhanath. Near the summit there is a Shiva temple of Siddheshwar. This is a Nath Panthi shrine and although one can see no samadhi, it is believedthat the samadhi of Karan Siddha isbelow the ground level of the linga.

The Temple Shikara – photo by Mohan Pai

The temple of Siddheshwar is associated with the Nath Panth which was fairly widespread in Goa during the 12th & 13 centuries. The founder of Nath cult (Sampradaya) was Matsyendranath and his historicity is shrouded in mystery.

Tulasi Vrindavan – photo by Mohan Pai

His well-known pupil was Gorakhnath and he belonged to the early 11th century. Historical evidence availble indicates that the Nath Panth had spread to Goa by 1200 AD.

Thickly forested slopes photo by Mohan Pai

A few kilometers away from the temple there is a shrine associated with Nath Siddha Madhavanath. In this shrine there are ‘padukas’ (sandals) and a Trisul (trident). These objects are taken out in a palanquin in a procession during the annual fair (Jatra) on the day of Mahashivaratri.A view of the Sahyadris from the Siddhanath Hills -photo by Mohan Pai

This is a very picturesque hillock with a view of the Goa Sahyadris with thickly wooded slopes. Nearby close to the village of Shirshinre there is a beutifull waterfall.

A waterfall on the Siddhanath Hills near Shrshiren – photo by Mohan Pai


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