The Flight of Gods 25. Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla

The Flight of Gods

by Mohan Pai

Sri Mahadev Temple

Tambdi Surla

This was a lost temple, rediscovered sometime around 1935. Its remote location, deep inside forest even some distance from any village had made it in accessible for centuries and its survival is largely due to its location. Even until recently, the temple was still relatively in accessible.

The Temple Complex – photo by Mohan Pai

The temple that survived the ravages, is situated about 12 kms from Molem in the Anmod Ghats (the Western Ghats), almost on Goa’s border with Karnataka amidst thick forests where a beautiful stream flows with lush greenery all around.

A beautiful stream near the temple – photo by Mohan Pai
The temple was built in the 13th century AD and was built by the Goa-Kadamba dynasty and is in Kadamba style. It is built of black basalt stone, not locally available and which was obviously transported from a considerable distance.Shrine to Sri Vishnu – Phto by Mohan Pai

This is a comparatively small temple and consists of Garbhagriha, Antarala and Nandi Mantapa. In the garbhagriha there is a small Lingam mounted on a pedestal.Shrine to Sri Ganesha – photo by Mohan Pai

There is a slab roof design over the main hall and behind this rises typical Dravidian-style Shikara in a pyramid over the sanctuary. The central ceiling is beautifully carved in an eight-petalled lotus pattern with rosettes.

Central Ceiling in 8 petal lotus pattern – photo by Mohan Pai

There are four niches on the rear wall of the mantapa. In one of the niches is a standing idol of Vishnu. In the second and third niches there are coiled Nagas and in the fourth there is a standing Ganesha. These niches have a fascinating framework with four main columns topped by a replica of the temple Shikara.

The temple is an archaeological monument and being preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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