The Flight of Gods 28. Vitthala Temple, Sancolem

The Flight of Gods

by Mohan Pai
Sri Vitthala Temple



The worship of Vitthala in Goa probably started during the latter part of the Goa Kadamba period. The stone inscription of 1284 AD from Vitthala temple at Pandharpur records the donation made by the Lad family of Goa. The ‘warkari’ tradition which was popular in Maharashtra was also practised in Goa.
Ranes of Sattari are the devotees of Vitthala.


The Mantap – photo by Mohan Pai

Reconstructed in 1942 A.D., the temple incorporated North Indian style of architecture. Though sanctum-sanctorium was left untouched and the main festivity at the temple was held during nine days preceding Chairtra Purnima.

The Temple Complex – photo by Mohan Pai

Major attractions of Sri Vitthala Temple are an exquisitely carved wooden chariot symbolizing the chariot of Arjuna of Mahabharata which is driven by the Lord Krishna in the temple complex.

Tulasi Vrindavan – photo by Mohan Pai


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