The Flight of Gods 29. Vijayadurga Temple, Keri, Ponda

The Flight of Gods
by Mohan Pai

Sri Vijayadurga Temple
Keri, Ponda
Sri Vijayadurga Samsthan was originally situated at Sankhavali along with Sri Shanthadurga and Sri Laxmi Narshima.
Sri Vijayadurgae is a family deity as a Pallavi of many Brahmins. Shri Vijayadurga was once settled with Shri Shankleshwari Shantadurga and Shri Lakshminarsimha in Sankhwal, but due to Portuguese destruction spree the temple had to be shifted to Kerim from Sankhwal.

The Mantap – photo by Mohan Pai

 The Mahajans and kulavis belong to the same class as Shri Shankleshwari Shantadurga Devi of Gothana and Shri Lakshminarsimha. Shri Vijayadurga is considered a pallavi of those who have Kuladevta as Shri Shankleshwari Shantadurga, Anant Vitthal Purrush or Shri Lakshminarsimha.

The Temple Complex – photo by Mohan Pai

 It was once said that when the war going between Vishnu and Shiva was stopped by Shri Shantadurga when she took Vishnu and Shiva by her left and right hand, and according to the Skandapurana it is said that how Lord Shiva, when defeated by his spouse Parvati in a game of dice, had left mount Kailash and gone to Gomanchala near Kushasthali for tapasya (penance). It is here that he heard the cries of the Brahmin, Loma Sharma, caught by a crocodile in the river Aghanashini.

Deepasthambha – photo by Mohan Pai

 When Shiva saved Loma Sharma, he prayed to the Lord to remain in Kushasthali. Similarly, when Parvati arrived looking for Shiva, she was also requested to stay at the nearby village of Keloshi (Kadalivana Quelossim). This shrine of Shri Shantadurga Devi is Situated to the present day location, Kavlem and is often known as Kavlem Shantadurga.

Tirthastana, a natural water pond – photo by Mohan Pai

 The deity of Shantadurga is shown as holding two serpents, one in each hand, representing Vishnu and Shiva. She is then said have gone to Shankleswari a village in Ponda Taluka (goa in which she went to Gothana (a small place in Shankleswari) to kill the demons that were harassing the Brahmins.

Panchayatan Shrines – photos by Mohan Pai

As a reward, she was given the name of Vijaya where she is now called Shri Vijayadurga. Shri Vijayadurga shrine was located in Shankleshwari along with Shri Shantadurga and Shri LakshmiNarsimha but was later shifted to a place called Kerim in Ponda Taluka during the Portuguese destruction spree.

Tulasi Vrindavan – photo by Mohan Pai

Annual jatra is held in the month of Magha up to Shivaratri and also on Navaratri. 

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