The Flight of Gods 30. Damodar Sal, Margao

The Flight of Gods
by Mohan Pai
Damodar Sal


photo by Mohan Pai

After the wholesale destruction of the Hindu temples in Mathagrama (Margao) there were no Hindu temples left in Margao.photo by Mohan Pai

Naik Shankahwalkar family of Margao consecrated a coconut brought from their gramadevata, Lord Damodar from Zambaulim, to be worshipped in the Sal of their ancestral house.

Damodar Sal became the centre of the religious life of the Hindu community in Margao until Hindu temples were built in the town at a later stage. However, Domodar Sal today is both sacred and a public place of worship.photo by Mohan Pai

An association of Hindu elders formed the Hindu Kaivari Sabha, later called the Mathagramasth Hindu Sabha held their regular meetings at the Damodar Sal and the old family house on Rua Abade Faria is still the base for social, cultural and religious activities.Old family house of Naik family that houses Damodar Sal – photo by Mohan Pai

Swami Vivekananda on a visit to Goa in 1898, (to acquaint himself with Christian teaching and seminary education) prior to his departure for Europe was a guest of Naik family at Damodar Sal.


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