The Flight of Gods 34. Gomanteshwar Temple, Brahmapuri

The Flight of Gods
by Mohan Pai

Sri Gomanteshwar Temple
Brahmapuri (Old Goa)
photo by Mohan Pai
The temple of Shri Gomantadev, Goveshwar or Gomanteshwar situated at Brahmapuri near Old Goa is associated with Madhav Mantri, the famous General and Governor of Vijayanagar Empire in the 14th century AD.
Brahmapuri was established in the 14th century and probably became a great seat of learning and riligious power under the patronage of Vijayanagar kings.
It is believed that Madhav Mantri restored the temple and reinstalled the idol of Shri Gomanteshwar and constructed a ritual bathing tank at Brahmapuri. The remnants of the tank still exist is and called Madhav Tirtha.
photo by Mohan Pai
Brahmapuri is located near Ela farm at Old Goa and is linked to the town by a kuchcha road. Mahadev was worshipped during the days of Kadamba kingdom in Goa. The Portuguese damaged the temple and built the Church of Santissimo Trinidade (the most Holy Trinity) in the 16th century. The shrine, rebuilt after the Inquisition, was ruined again by the Portuguese in 1779 by the Viceroy Dom Frederico Guilherme de Souza. Originally built in the 14th century, the temple was once again rebuilt in 1947 AD.
photo by Mohan Pai
Mahashivratri is celebrated with much religious fervour. This is a protected heritage site, where restoration work is going on.

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